“Importance of Business Value” has been Published

Importance of Business Value

Wow, what a great feeling.  I have been published! Yes, I am excited about it and it is not just an online blog post. The ONTARIO RISK AND INSURANCE MANAGEMENT SOCIETY (ORIMS) has published an article I wrote in their quarterly publication The PULSE.

I was contacted by the PULSE’s Assistant Editor back in September when he came across my blog Increase Your Value.  I was asked to make some minor adjustments to my post Why Business Value is Important and gear it more towards risk and insurance managers.  You can find a copy of the article either here PULSE Sept 2012 Vol 1.5 or on the ORIMS website ORIMS .  My article can be found on page 6.

I have now been asked (actually I was asked a month ago) to submit another article for their December issue.  The next article will be about Why Risk Impacts Business Value.

If you or someone you know is needing an article, for your publication, about business value and what affects it or how to increase business value, please feel free to contact me.

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