Increase Your Value: The first post

Starting a blog is hard. Besides the fear that no one will read it, I have so much information I want to share, the question is where to start.

To make it easier, I am going to use this first post to layout the scope and purpose of this blog, along with a glimpse into some of the topics to come.

Scope and Purpose
The purpose of this blog is to share insightful and meaningful information (not surprising) about how business owners can increase the value of their business. My consulting practice is all about educating small business owners on this very topic and I am passionate for helping the owners get the most for their businesses as they can.

Future posts will be in 2 main categories. Some of the posts will be classified as Information. These post will give background, and general knowledge or definitions as required.

Some posts will be classified as Actionable. These posts will give specific action items that an owner can review and carry out in their business. These actionable items will result in increased business value.

Future Posts
Information: Why Value is Important
Information: Definition of Value
Information: Definition of Risk
Information: Definition of Cash Flow
Actionable: You @Risk
Actionable: Sales @Risk

I certainly hope you will enjoy my future posts and find the information valuable. I look forward to any comments or feedback, and certainly appreciate anyone that chooses to follow this blog or my social network sites.

All the best

Bruce Everitt, President, Willo Consulting Group

Copyright 2012. Bruce Everitt. All rights reserved.

Bruce Everitt, CFA is the president of Willo Consulting Group and they specialize in increasing business value for small and medium businesses around the world.


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