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Trials, triumphs, and tales for new dads.

(Just please don’t call it a daddy blog.)


New or expecting dad?
This blog's for you.

Hi, and welcome. Look, we’ve been there—the cocktail of feelings that comes along with being an expecting dad—excitement, anticipation, fear, uncertainty, maybe even a loss of confidence … and the similar mix of emotions that happens after your baby is born and you’re a new dad: exhaustion, relief, overwhelm, love, joy, pride, more fear …

We’ve felt all these things. They’re normal, but that doesn’t make them less real, and the roller coaster less stomach-turning. The way to feel more of the good stuff and less of the less-than-fun feelings is by educating yourself. And that is the goal of this blog (and really this whole site). So, read on and let education be your antidote.

Note: if you’re looking for our product reviews, you can find them over here.

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