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Gear Geek? Get new reviews on tech, toys & more

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Reviews to help you find the best baby gear for dads, and kid tech. Plus, baby product reviews.

Check out our exhaustively thorough reviews on everything from pack ’n plays to Honest Company products. We test cool baby gear for dads, and do lots of baby product reviews across tech, toys, books and more.

When we say in-depth reviews, we are not f*&%ing around.

  • We spend months with each baby or kid product
  • Take copious notes
  • Document the experience with photos and video
  • Turn everything into a detailed, organized baby product review
  • Discuss common features and decision points to help inform parents
  • Most reviews are accompanied by videos, so you can see this stuff in action

The focus of our baby gear reviews is to help you answer the tough questions:

We like to think of ourselves as your Lucius Fox or Q—providing you with the best baby gear recommendations for your upcoming adventures.

Without further ado, here are the baby and kid product reviews (we’re adding to this each month!)

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